Monday, November 1, 2010

So far I have been always running just for fun and have not had any urge to participate in races until yesterday.
I ran my very first race ever - 10k Run Like Hell Portland! It is a costume optional race and I opted to go Hawaiian.

8 AM in the morning, 53 F, raining and windy.
From the very start I feel great, relaxed and quite enjoying having so many people around me running after my 4 months of isolation
I pick up speed right away steadying at my ususal cadence 180 BPM. I start passing people. A lot of people. All in shoes, I only see two or three in Vibrams.
My feet warm up in about 10 minutes and I am running through every single puddle I see. Splashing water everywhere. Jumping. Never felt such a freedom while running before. It si awesome. I wish I can do this forever.
When I sprint to the finish line I do not feel my feet touching the ground. I feel like a bird flying. I pass all five runners before me and hit the line. What a feeling!

My time was 48 minutes (my new PR for 10k) which placed me 7th from 43 in my age division and 81st from 1140 overall.

The best of all, I felt great, my feet feel great, not a single blister and no soreness whatsoever. Just Happy. It must be the adrenaline Or it must be the running in rain. Or both.
I am ready to sing up for another race tomorrow (not that here is anything going on right now ) and I guess I am hooked !

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