Sunday, January 6, 2013

Foot shape change

Back in June 2010 when starting running barefoot I was reading a lot of about how to transition properly and what changes to your body to expect. I also stumbled upon an article about structural changes happening to your feet when running barefoot by Tellman Knudson.
5 Structural Changes to Expect in Your Feet

A short list:

1. Spreading of the toes.
2. Bones becoming unfused in forefoot.
3. Loosening and flexibility of the toes.
4. A wider, more muscular foot.
5. Inability to Be Comfortable Wearing (Any) Shoes.

It got me really curious to find out if any of that would really happen so I took a camera and shot a couple of pictures of my feet from different angles and took a couple of pictures of my soles too.

Have been running for over two years now so decided to take a shot of my forefoot again for a comparison.

Forefoot shape change over 28 months of running barefoot

It is quite amazing to see the change. Not only the toes are spreading properly but the whole foot becomes more muscular and the transverse arch is more prominent now.

I am hoping in the next couple of years the pinky toe will realign to its proper position as well to get even more stability in my feet.