Friday, February 4, 2011

Still not running...

It has been exactly three weeks since the injury happened.

I have not done any running except of one (painful) 1 mile trail run 10 days after the injury which apparently only made things worse.

There is still the pain in that area (now almost constant), there is no way I could run on it right now and it hurts even when walking (especially down hill). The swelling got worse, my whole ankle is swollen now and there is a lot of fluid. I am slightly limping when walking because the whole ankle is really stiff.

I am icing it twice a day and wearing compression stocking.

Went to see the doc yesterday since it is not improving. He confirms there is a lot of swelling around the ankle which was not there initially and he locates "the spot" (a small lump) on my fibula which is still (after three weeks) really painful when pressed.

He eliminates the shin splint and now thinks it is probably a stress reaction. The plan is two more weeks with no running, R.I.C.E. and some pool activities. If it is not gone in two weeks, then getting MRI to find out what's actually going on inside.

Fingers crossed.

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