Monday, January 24, 2011

The pain is not going away

Well, it has been 10 days now without running since the injury happened. I can walk just fine but the sore spot is still there, sensitive to touch. I start worrying about a stress fracture on my fibula and go to see my doctor. I get both x-rays and a bone scan done. The doc says it does not look like a stress fracture (BIG relieve) but more like a shin splint. He tells me to run just 1 mile and slowly get back to my previous mileage.

The spot is still sensitive to touch but no real pain so I decide to run that one mile. The pain is back almost immediately.
I am basically back where I was 10 days ago, the same burning pain, I am not able to run anymore, walking with a limp and walking stairs quite hurts.

I know shin splints usually happen on tibia but the burning pain I am having is just on fibula right above my ankle.
I believe it is not a stress fracture based on the bone scan results. The doc says if there is a stress fracture x-ray does not show much but on the bone scan they should definitely see an increased blood flow in that area (the bone is repairing itself) and there was nothing like that on my slides.

My plan is R.I.C.E. for a couple more days to see if things are going to improve.

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