Monday, August 12, 2013

Running form video analysis

In August 2011 I shot a video to analyze my running form to get some feedback from the community.
Got some comments back and suggestions what to improve.

The issue mentioned the most was carrying my arms quite low and having a reasonable amount of lateral movement in them.

The Gait Guys even took it for their analysis here
They concluded "the right foot is spun out", "the left arm seems to cross the body more than the right"  and that I got "most likely some pelvic asymmetry" .

For the past two years I have been trying to improve and work on these issues and finally got to shooting an update.

To my disappointment I am not seeing much of a difference between those two videos shot two years apart. Although I can tell I run more relaxed now it looks like my left arm is still swinging more than the right one and as for the right foot...hmm...hard to say because of the camera angle.
I guess nobody is perfect and the pelvic asymmetry is a tougher animal to beat than I thought. Will see what happens after another two years.

Note about the video locations:
I shot both of these videos intentionally on a chip seal forest road because the rougher the surface the less you can get away with imperfections in your form. In both cases I also ran 6 miles on the road prior the shooting the video just to "settle in the form".

Running form August 2011

Running form August 2013

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