Saturday, August 6, 2011

Stride analysis video

When camping in Gifford Pinchot National Forest (WA) I run 6 miles out and back on an old chip seal forest road.

Rough chip seal

Running at the base of Mt. Adams

The surface is quite rough and it slows me down a little. I climb 400 feet up, turn back and I quickly find out running on chip seal is worse downhill.

After the run I shoot some footage of my current form.

After analyzing it later I find out my right foot turns outwards far more than the left and the recovery pull from the floor is much higher on one side than the other. Clearly something is out of balance.

My feet are sore half a day after the run but I feel the soles getting stronger. It will only get better next time.


  1. Daniel, though you see imperfections, I am fascinated by what looks right in your form. Most especially in the slow-motion video, the springy-ness of your legs is completely obvious and natural. You're like a bouncy ball. In a good way, that is. p.s. that chip seal looks, um, special???

  2. Daniel,
    You should send your video to The Gait Guys:

    Actually, they did a 3 part video on crossover gait recently. I looks like you've got a bit of crossover going on (hips are swinging side to side). Most people do some crossover. Another thing The Gait Guys always say is that what you can see in the video is usually not the problem (the right foot turning out), it is usually the compensation you are seeing...the problem is somewhere else.

  3. @Nathan:
    Thank you Nate. I will see what The Gait Guys say.

  4. hi guys
    we finally got to the analysis of this video.
    the analysis will go live on our blog tomorrow at
    hope you find it helpful
    Dr. Shawn and Dr. Ivo...... the gait guys

  5. here was the teaching blog post on this video above. We hope this helps your journey fellas !
    The GAit Guys


    here it is, sorry about that.

  7. Hello, Can you people suggest me any video analyzer software? How is MediaGalleryPro™.

    1. Can not comment on MediaGalleryPro, never used it.
      Adobe Premiere works great.